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Interdisciplinary collective intelligence and how companies can benefit from its potential. MOONSHOTS and how to reduce transformation processes in your company from years to days. Learn how to transform your teams into a high-performance community. Topics that anticipate the state of the art of tomorrow. Trips to the upcoming change hotspots and first contact with ideas and visions that have the potential to be the next benchmark.



Many companies in your industry are working on the innovations of tomorrow. With very similar innovation methods that  necessarily lead to very similar results in the same sector. However, if you want disruption in development, you need disruption in the method. With the MOONSHOT it is available and in the MOONSHOT Academy you can learn and internalize how you can use it to free your company from the same old game. 



How can innovation and implementation be massively speeded up? How to create an environment that allows absolute development of potential? How can silos be turned into interacting high performance units? We open the black box and and teach you live at our MOONSHOT.

On-site training for leaders, strategists and designers

The MINDWARP program does not aim to tour the usual suspects and hear the same success stories over and over again. Rather, we are concerned with identifying undiscovered potential and unrecognized solutions and making them usable for our customers as first mover advantages. That's why our destinations are not the main portal of Google and not the headquarters of Facebook. But places like the start-up scene in Nairobi or the University of Montevideo. Only in places like that you get to know interpretations and solutions that are not off the shelf, but can help to develop new perspectives and approaches.

If you are interested, please subscribe to our newsletter , due to the pandemic situation, the first journey cannot yet be scheduled.



Horizon  2025:

Africa and South America 


We love creating outstanding events. We don't believe that the race for the best-known faces and modified lecture concepts are enough. It's always about substance, benefit and impact. If you want events of this category, we look forward to be in touch.


We have built up a broad repertoire of speakers who can make extremely profound postulates on really substantial topics . If you would like speakers of this category for your events, feel free to get in touch.

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