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On-site training for decision makers  from HR, Business Development and R&D 

3  —

How do teams become interacting high-performance communities?

2  —

How can innovation and implementation periods be speeded up?

1  —

How do I calmly create an environment that allows absolute potential development?

You are invited to become an EXPLORER.
Get to know the MOONSHOT method. You will benefit from it if you want practical answers to questions below:


You will be fully integrated in our globally unique high-performance community of people with different but always outstanding talents, skills and stories.


Their job is to make Germany's most groundbreaking research result ready for use and ready for the market in just 72 hours by using the MOONSHOT method.


  • Enormous shortening of innovation and realization periods

  • Synchronization of interdisciplinary units

  • High performance experience

  • New Work and agile working skills

  • Solution-oriented collaboration



  • ​team spirit and willingness to perform

  • Active participation in MOONSHOT

  • Preliminary talk in which we get to know each other

  • Participation in the pre-set meeting
    (1-2 weeks before MOONSHOT)

€ 6,000 excl. VAT/pp

In order to be best able to reflect on what has been learned, we recommend that 2 people per company participate.

The MOONSHOT is a revolutionary precision tool for accelerating innovation.

In high performance mode, he develops and finalizes ideas to market maturity in a rocket speed of only 72 hours. Since 2017, it has been by far the fastest and most efficient framework in the world when it comes to transforming solutions for current challenges into companies, start-ups or spin-offs in the shortest possible time. Theories, visions and structures are not goals in MOONSHOT, but launchpads. Concrete strategies, business, organizational and sales models, (industrial) designs, technical interfaces, visualizations (...) are built on them, which are implemented AT THE SAME TIME. This works, among other things, because we bundle incredibly broad knowledge and skills in a sociocratic framework. In combination with a very special process control, incubation, acceleration, transformation and ongoing networking can be superimposed. Not least because of the "implementation component", the MOONSHOT is the next but one evolution of Moonshot Thinking.

On-site training for decision makers  from HR, Business Development and R&D 

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